Performance driven

When investing in an ICO you look for on track projects and good gains. Daicore is set out to create transparency over the projects you invest in and help you measure their performance. Using an unique Performance Management Tool you will have real time data about the ICOs you invested in and can decide if the projects are meeting your expectations.


When talking about investments, having control over your funds is a critical factor in entering a venture. Daicore has developed a one-of-a-kind system which allows you to fully control your funds even after you invested in an ICO, meaning that you can retire anytime from any project that is not heading in the right direction.


Investing in Daicore allows you to easily venture in multiple ICOs with just a few clicks. New projects will get listed on the platform constantly, so the research and analytics are provided by our team, you just add ICOs to your portfolio as you consider best. Daicore is running a perpetual ICO system, so if you are not convinced by a project you just follow it and can join it later.

Investing Through Daicore

Daicore is a decentralized platform that builds and hosts ICOs in which you can invest through the use of our one-of-a-kind investment management system. Daicore is automated and runs on the Ethereum Network.

Make the most out of your venture

  • Receive guaranteed bonuses from listed ICOs
  • Invest in multiple projects from one platform
  • Get rewarded for your performance

Full control over your ICO venture

  • Customize your investor dashboard
  • Take part in the project development
  • Allocate money based on performance

Build and manage your ICO portfolio

  • Compare and analyze background checked ICOs
  • Real progress reports from the ICOs
  • Feedback from other investors

Withdraw from underperforming projects

  • Track the roadmap completion
  • Access to in-depth project details
  • Withdraw anytime from any project

Discover a one-of-a-kind investment Mechanism

Become an Investor


Run a perpetual ICO System

List your project


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The Platform represents the means by which we help investors better asses ICO projects and have their venture protected from scams and underperforming projects. The platform creates transparency over the performance of each project listed on the platform and help ICOs raise funds in more financing rounds thus allowing them to develop their business in the long run.

Funding method

For ICOs enrolling on the platform

For investors to increase their investment capital

Securing funds

Pledged by the investors to various projects

Received by ICOs in different funding rounds

Community builder

For investors looking to venture into new projects

For ICOs looking for knowledge sharing

Proper tools

Investors have access to proper investment and portfolio management tools

ICOs have access to a smart contract builder and performance management system

Transparency creator

For investor regarding the performance generated by each project

For ICOs in the relationship with investors and other community members



Tiberiu Focica

  • CEO
  • Business strategist
  • Founding member

Cezar Crintea

  • CTO
  • Entrepreneur
  • Founding member

Alecsandru Rasidescu

  • Managing Partner
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Founding member

Sebastian Boureanu

  • CFO
  • Entrepreneur
  • Finance Expert

Pierre Garello

  • Tokenomics reviewer
  • Doctor of Economics
  • President of IES - Europe

Florin Rusu

  • Sales Executive
  • Blockchain Passionate
  • Libertarian

Florin Iancu

  • Marketing Officer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Blockchain Enthusiast

Teodor Obreascu

  • Marketing Officer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Community Coordinator

Liviu Serban

  • Marketing Officer
  • Web Developer
  • Community Coordinator

Christian Nasulea

  • Professor of Economics
  • Tokenomics Reviewer
  • Blockchain Economy Specialist

Alexandru Agarici

  • PR Coordinator
  • Entrepreneur
  • Technology passionate

Diana Nasulea

  • Project Coordinator
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Economics Expert


Q3 2017

ICO market research

ICO mechanism analysis

Extensive look into top funded ICOs and ways of development

Q4 2017

Interpretation of the gathered data and identification of the weakness in the ICO models

Extensive research in fixing the identified weakness in the ICO lifecycle

Beta design of the Daicore platform

Q1 2018

Legal framework assessment

Beta features design

Preparation of the business stack

Q4 2018

Private Sale

Beta version of the platform

Incorporation of Daicore in Switzerland

Q3 2018

Seeder round

Start of platform development

Launch of

Q2 2018

Business model definition

Seeder round

Finalize the platform architecture

Q1 2019

Working beta of Platform

Live tracking of platform performance and improvement

Continuous community building

Q2 2019

Further development

Daicore Affiliate Program

At Daicore, we strongly believe in the power of the community and in rewarding the ones that stay beside us through this exciting journey. This is the reason why we want people to bask in the success of projects they believe in and to financially reward them for those projects who make it big through our platform. And for this to happen, we have created an affiliate program just for you. How it works: 1. Identify an ICO There are always new ICOs coming into the scene, but also a lot of new projects that lack the drive to start an ICO. A lot of these new-comers could greatly benefit from what our platform can offer, regardless if it’s consultancy, access to investors or a place to get launched from. This is where you, our affiliate, come in. 2. Introduce that project to Daicore and introduce Daicore to the mind behind the project Once you have managed to identify a suitable project you need to connect that project with us so that our team can go through the validation process and start the listing procedure. For things to run smoothly you just need to submit some information about the project and make sure to let the project leader know that we will be contacting them on your behalf. Our team will take care of all the rest and will regularly update you about the progress. 3. Get rewarded as the project raises money After listing a project you have recommended, their achievements will also benefit you. This means that for as long as a project is raising you will automatically receive money, because your ETH wallet address will be added to a binding smart contract. What’s the payout? You get 10% out of Daicore’s 3% fee applied to funds raised by the ICO. This means that for every million dollars raised by an ICO you introduced you get 3 000$ in ETH. The money will be automatically wired into your wallet when the ICO receives money from the investors.

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